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We teach small businesses to
be efficient

An online video course that will help you to take back control of your time, free yourself from stress, revolutionize your business and achieve real success
Hi, my name is David Buck.

My wife and I are business owners.

5 years ago, we discovered some rarely-taught secrets that allowed us to cut the amount of time we spend in our office by 80%!

We found ourselves with a major change in our life when we had our first child and were unable to keep up with all that we had to do to run our business.

We needed to make a change, so we spent endless hours researching how to do things more efficiently. What we discovered was beyond our wildest expectations....

Now we're sharing the exact principles we discovered. Let us guide you as you learn and apply them to your business too!

After completing the course...

You will have nearly effortless control over your business
You will set most business tasks to run on autopilot, leaving you with time to do the things you actually enjoy
You will become unstoppably efficient and never again fall victim to the cycle of working extra hours to get things done on time, only to have another impending deadline
You will be able to conquer your email inbox, and will be in and out in minutes rather than hours
People will look up to you because you will be one of the only people they know who has achieved a genuine work-life balance
You will have a new way to view and achieve the success you REALLY want
You will crush the fear of change and will rekindle limitless passion and motivation
You will literally forget the work stress that everyone else has, because you will be so efficient

This course is ideal if:

• You spend more time with your clients than with your family and friends

• You’ve tried to achieve work-life balance before, but what you've tried just hasn’t worked

• You’d like to work less, but you can’t afford to take less work

• Your business is eating up all your time, you practically live at the office, and things feel out of control

• You’d love to work less, but in the past all you’ve heard is that you should learn to delegate or to “work harder” - and it just doesn’t work

• You're committed to the process of learning efficiency so that you can take your life back

"This is life-changing stuff. We've saved hundreds of hours of work, we've been able to take on more projects simultaneously than we ever thought was possible, and we STILL have more free time than before!"
Edward Stranks, stressfreewp

What makes this course different?

This course is specifically for those entrepreneurs and small businesses that do everything themselves. They have no HR department, no in-house marketing staff, or no full time bookkeeper to delegate tasks to.

As we were trying to make our own business more efficient, we read a lot of books, talked to a lot of people, and tried a lot of ideas, but everything was either meant for larger businesses or just wasn't practical.

We knew we were going to have to do something different and figure it out for ourselves. So that's what we did.

A lot of the teaching currently available is on how to "work harder", how to delegate to your staff, how to structure your work day or keep organized, and so on. These are all great things to do, but they don't solve the problem at its source.


In this course, you will learn very practical things, such as:

How to improve your client communication so that questions are answered faster and meetings are booked more quickly which gives you more time to focus on other tasks

How to automate as many tasks in your business as possible, so that it nearly runs on auto-pilot

The secrets to reclaiming your email inbox, so that you can spend more time focused on tasks that matter and less time being distracted

Take Your Life Back

Course Overview


Module 1

Find out what living a successful life looks like and how you can do it

Module 2

Figure out where you are wasting time. What is it you do to run your business and what is eating up all of your life?

Module 3

The 4 ½ principles needed to cut stress and time from running your business

Module 4

Applying what you’ve learned to your work life and ending your eighty-hour work weeks

Take Your Life Back Online Course

20+ step by step instructional videos

Action worksheets to keep you focused

Bonus "Quick Tips & Tricks" videos to make huge impact right away

Email templates we personally use every day

Software and hardware recommendations to help keep you uber efficient

The 4 ½ principles of efficiency to give you a new way of thinking

One-Time Payment


How long will it take to complete the course?

Take Your Life Back is designed for you to progress at your own pace, because the complexity of each business and the time required on each step will vary from business to business.

Many complete the course in 6 weeks. However, we've crammed in so many practical tips and to-do's that you'll likely be be able to leave your office every day an hour early after applying our Quick Tips and Tricks.

The course is designed to help change the way you think about success and work and give you PRACTICAL to-do's so you can take back control of your time as quickly as possible. If you put in the work, you'll be ready to experience near immediate results.

It may not look like we're nutty, but I promise... we are!

About the Efficiency Nuts

About the Efficiency Nuts

The Efficient Squirrel is all about helping entrepreneurs realize there is life outside of the office.

We believe you can run your business and accomplish everything you need to do in a fraction of the time and can spend one day a week in the office rather than 5-7.

We strive to teach you the tools to realize the dream of running your business while spending the majority of your life doing the things you love with the people you love.

Sherry and David Buck are the crazy nuts who run this joint… We are parents of two young boys and longtime business owners with our photography company aptly named David & Sherry Photography :D. As Forest Gump says “It’s a household name”. We are passionate about helping people realize there is a different way of doing things where they can make a great income through their business but that it doesn’t require all of their life to do it.

We encountered the same problem so many of us have where we didn’t physically have the time to accomplish all the work we had to do. Our business was “successful” in that it made plenty of money but once one little hiccup came in the form of our first child, our system fell apart and it left me in the office from morning until night struggling and stressed daily, trying to keep up. There was no such thing as getting ahead. I was always behind trying to put out fires. Sherry wasn’t able to help as she was a little busy keeping a child alive and well. We were stuck.

It was then our friends shared with us how they no longer view success as making money alone, but rather as being able to make enough money while maximizing the amount of days they could sit by their pool reading a book.  This was mind blowing to us and changed our direction forever. We dove in head first to learning about how to get things done with as little time input as possible, while at the same time making our product and customer experience better with each change. What we ended up with is the new way to look at your life and business we share in the Take Your Life Back program.

As long time business owners who went nutty studying efficiency and mastering a new way to look at life and work, we want to see you filling your life with the things you love rather than the things you have to do. We want to see you have time for that.